Lifestyle Blog Tropes

Whooo, lifestyle blogging! It's so not me.  I love reading them though and why not try out some of the tropes!  Here's a few ideas that I have not ever done but might... Which one do you want to see from me? Just leave a comment with which one you'd like to see me try out and I will.  No promises that it'll be a recurring theme, we'll see how I like it.

1.  Outfit of the Day
 Sometimes known as 'What I Wore.' I'm a t-shirt and jeans girl most of the time, but on the ocasion I like to take some fashion risks for the fun of it.  I guess why I have not used this throp before is shyness...?  I'm no model and an entire blog post of photos of me 'modeling' my outfit seeems a bit...self centered? Not that I don't enjoy those posts from other people, I LOVE those posts. I just feel like I'd feel silly doing it.  Maybe I need to get over that.

2. Instagram
I've never really understood these posts.  I mean, if you like the person why don't you just follow them on Instagram?  I guess you don't always want to follow strangers.  I don't useally.  So this could be cool, might make me use Instagram more...heh.

3. Nails
This one would be bad.  I mean, sometimes I'm pretty good at doing my nails.  (They currently look awesome, as you can see below.) Most of the time, however, they are bare or chipped.  Nail painting takes a long time and I'm often bad at it.

4. Stuff I Love
Or 'Start Your Week Off' or simply 'Favorites' where you list photos and links of other blog posts and internet finds that you are into as of late.  It's a super easy way to get interesting images onto your blog and a nice free promotion for others.  The only worry with this I have is the 'legal issues.' I use Google Adwords and don't want to get in trouble for using someone else's intellectual property.  (The following example is from my cousins blog and I have permission.)

Let me know which is your favorite trope!


Unknown said...

Outfit of the day! :D

Unknown said...

Stuff I love :D I always love seeing those ^^

Spantonline said...

Stuff I love would be cool, and I guess you'll find stuff you love easily