4 Simple Goals *before 2013: First Update

I bet you are all just itching to see how I'm doing on my 4 goals, am I right? No? Remember this post? Well today I'm going to let you all know how those are going.

1. Make my first Etsy sale. Not yet. I have two Nerdy Monster listed here and 0 sales. I have improved my SEO and have been participating in the Etsy Holiday Boot Camp.  I've made a few seller friends over on Etsy so hopefully this goal won't be a bust.

2. Exercise at least once a week. Yeah...this one has not been easy either.  I have done some exercise each week but not at all what I would like.  I eat right but after work I'm too tired to move my body around.  I bought a yoga mat and have been doing yoga from the internet every so often.  Sit ups are my go-to exercise when I want something fast.  Seriously though, I need to bring up me game.

3. Add to my Jellicle Drawing Project. Drawing is wonderful and relaxing and calming.  I NEED to do it.  I just have not yet.  I have been re-connecting with the Cats fan community and I even did Cats makeup with a friend last week.  I just have not drawn yet.  I won't let this goal fall through the cracks though, I will draw!

4. Organize and simplify. Finally, a goal I am satisfied with my progress so far. heh. Yesterday I went to Ikea with Jim and I bought a new desk!! It is shorter than my current desk so now my sewing table will fit in the bedroom next to it.  I set it up last night and that forced me to ORGANIZE.  I went through exactly half of my craft supplies.  I threw some stuff out, I'm going to give some stuff away, and the rest now has a designated spot!

I hope you all enjoy the update.  Now, go comment on my last blog about Lifestyle Blog Tropes, I need at least one person to give me their opinion =P
Thank you, you are all wonderful!



Miki said...

Those are pretty neat goals. #2 and 4 involve a change in lifestyle, so give yourself time and best luck ;D!

Jennifer Holmquist said...

Thanks! Yeah, it has not been easy...