$20 off $50 on ModCloth! Through October 31st.

Tuesday, October 02, 2012

I know I know, everyone and their mom is blogging about this Modcloth offer.  Well, I fell victim as well.  I've never bought anything off of Modcloth before and since I have two weddings to attend this month and I've always wanted to buy something from that website.  Perfect opportunity.
So I'll make this breif.  IF you click the following link and you've never signed up for Modcloth before, you'll get $20 off a purchase of $50 or more.

I'm no fashion expert, in fact I'm really bad at fashion.  This world of blogging has really showed me that.  'What I Wore' posts?? I wear lots of t-shirts and jeans.  I'd like to be a bit more fashion...aware I guess.  Join me in this endeavor, save some money on a cute 'What I Wore' post worthy dress!


Here's what I bought!! I wanted just the dress but I need something extra to get it over $50 so I found this cute scarf (I won't wear them together obviously...I'm not that bad at fashion.)


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