Tuber Tuesday

That's right, I'm starting a new not-so-weekly themed post! (aka, every so often) It's called 'Tuber Tusday' because I am a YouTuber.  I'm in the YouTube community, I like making videos, watching videos, and the general subculture that YouTube really is.  To outsiders it may appear as a self indulgent annoying website full of mostly cat videos and 'viral videos' but that's simply not true.  I've made more online friends in the short time I've spent in this community than in any other.

So every Tuesday I'll introduce you to a past video on my channel, talk a bit about the culture, and occasionally feature a great video or YouTuber.  Today, I've posted two videos for you to consume.  The first is the introduction video I posted to my channel shortly after switching accounts. (It's almost MagicCatJenny's YouTubeaversery!) and the second is a video I posted in this Film post. (but now that YouTube is allowing everyone to upload custom thumbnails, I wanted to show off the super pretty thumbnail I chose for this one.)


Channel Intro

Video Reel/Short Film

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