The ___est Girl in the World

One of the blogs I follow, Do Deer Blogazine, posted recently about a zine by Aurora Lady called The ___est Girl in the World that she was featured in.  I've always been interested in zines but never bought one or (what I really wanted to do) make one; so I was quite intrigued.  When I read that one of my all time favorite authors, Francesca Lia Block was involved, I was sold.  One her her books was the start of my 25 Books in 2012 challenge.  You can read that post here.

The zine came in this cute little handmade bag.  

Here's a quick look at all the contents.  So many colors!  You can see the red binding of the zine, handmade and gorgeous.

The cover art is so enticing that I already am ready to check out Aurora Lady's blog since I've never heard of her till now.

How exciting it was to find out my zine had been personalized!  Again, Aurora Lady is an artist being introduced to me because of this zine, but it's still really cool.

Although the selling point for me was Block, there are so many women featured in the zine that I had never heard of and got to explore their art and creations online since receiving the zine.  What a beautiful way discovering new things.

Here are all the lovely extras included in the bag.  Coupons, postcards, business cards, and Francesca Lia Block's autograph (!)  It sort of reminds me of the swag bags you get at Comic Con and VidCon.  Makes me feel like I got back from a craft/art/blog con.  (That should exist, does that exist??)

Anyways, thank you Do Deer for clueing me in on this project and these amazing people and thank you Aurora Lady for creating this project and thank you to all the other women involved.  I will be sure to check out all of your personal projects online!


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