Music: Hello the Future

Two Thursdays ago I saw my friend Nicole perform an acoustic show at a local coffee shop, The Talking Stick.  Her band is just her and she used to go by the name Blue but now she's Nicole.  Her music could be described as 'Nerd Rock' and she has a very unique and pleasant sounding voice, I can't really compare her to anyone else easily.  She performs at all the local conventions she can and has a pretty decent following. Also, she is currently running a Kickstarter campaign to help her record with a full band for the first time.

She writes music about everything from books like The Hunger Games to web comics and every nerdy topic in between.  I have her fist album 'Infinity Right Now' and I love it.  I think I'll have to get her next album the next time I see her perform live.  She's doing a show on August 24th with Clark Chimp, Artichoke, and The Long Holidays at Bar Pico in LA.  If you are local, you should come! It's free and I'll be there.

Check Hello the Future here:


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