How To Turn a T-Shirt into a Tank Top - DIY

One great staple of the summer is the tank top.  I've made three this year that are perfect as beach cover-ups.  With a bandeau top I can even wear them out.  The 'Paris Disneyland' shirt and the 'Ninja Turtles' shirt were t-shirts that were my size and the 'The Long Holidays' shirt was way big on me. Both were great contenders fot this style. It's super simple to make them yourself but sometimes you don't know where to start, so I've made a visual guide below!

1. All you need is a t-shirt (mine is thrifted) and a pair of sizers. (fabric sizers work best)
2. Cut the neck line off under the seam.
3. Cut off the sleeves so the seam remains on the sleeve not the shirt.
4. Try it on to see how you like it.  I think I want my neck and arm holes lower.
5. Make any adjustments to the neck. (usually cutting the back of it works nicely)
6. Make any adjustments to the sides. (I cut the arm holes deeper and made the shoulders much thinner.

You can also cut off the bottom seam if the shirt is really big on you.  (I like to leave it if the shirt already fits)  You can also cut a crescent in it if its long enough. 

I hope you enjoyed this easy T-Shirt DIY.  See if you can spot them in my new video!

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The Management said...

Great tutorial! I like the ninja turtles shirt the best :)

Jennifer Holmquist said...

Thanks! It was an awesome find for only $2 at a secondhand store. =D

Anonymous said...

Won't they fray/unravel if you've not sewn up all the cut edges?

Jennifer Holmquist said...

The ends just tend to curl in. I like the un-sewn look, and they won't last forever but they'll last a few summers I bet. Also, I don't put mine through the dryer.