Missing 'Real' Things

I finished book 4 in my 25 Books challenge!  This is the first Maureen Johnson book I've ever read and I really understand why she is so popular amongst teens these days.  The book was fabulous.  Again, it's not my genera of choice but I really fell in love with the characters and cared for what happened to them.  (Which is more than I can say for 'Requiem For a Dream' but that's a rant for another day.)  I also realized there is a sequel to this book but I think I am going to read a different Maureen Johnson book first.  (Another PPS book!)  However I do think I'll be buying book 6 from Amazon.com  That's one thing that's really making me mad, all the book stores close to me are going out of business.  Where am I supposed to browse around for books anymore?  The internet is great but just does not have the same feel and discovery as a book store.  Also, I'm a big fan of holding physical books.  Sure they take up space but it's so much more satisfying to hold them in your hands and lend them to friends and occasionally  write notes in them.  The action of putting pen to paper is slowly getting lost in all of this technology these days...(says the girl who just got an iPhone.)

I really miss the days when I had pen pals and we wrote physical letters to one another.  The personalization and art and the anticipation of waiting for a letter to come in the mail.  I miss that.  That's why I've started a new project.  I want to receive and send 100 letters, snail mail style.  I've started a new blog where you can find out more information on the project: 100 Letters.  I hope if you enjoy this blog that you will go and follow that one.

Books Read: 4

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