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Happy New Year!!! Almost...tomorrow is officially 2013! this year I am really amping up my blog and I would love it you were here with me. I made the switch over to Passionfruit ads, but don't worry, there are still free ad swaps. The ads run for 30 days and the code for a free Large ad button swap is "ADSWAP"  Just let me know if you have the same system for ad swapping or if I should email you a particular size ad.

I am also offering 2 'Feature' slots for $4 a piece.  I know I am still a n00b in the blogging world, but I do have some followers on YouTube.  I do plan to vlog about my blog this year. (too meta?)  That includes mentioning those 'Feature' blogs.

Everything you need to know is on my sponsor page but feel free to email me if you have any questions.  Thank you so much and lets make 2013 amazing!

DIY: Nerdy Christmas Ornaments

One of my favorite vloggers and bloggers, Karen Kavett, created some nerdy Christmas ornaments and I tried out three of her designs. A Poké Ball, polka dot, and a golden snitch. 
I used white paint and a black sharpie (ran out of black paint) to create the Poké Ball. 
The polka dots on the green ornament are from a white lable cut out with a hole punch.
The golden snitch was made from cardboard scraps, yellow paint, gold rope, and hot glue.  
I learned that hot glue is not easy to work with at such a small scale and have it not show, it looks fine 
from a distance however.  Thanks for the ideas, Karen!

Merry Christmas!

How I Wrapped My Christmas Presents

This is just a small selection of the Christmas presents I've made and bought for friends and family this year.  However, this year, I wrapped them all the same way.  I was inspired by a simplistic wrapping paper design I found at Targe.  It was on the cheeper end of their paper but I fell in love.

In lieu of bows, I cut out ball ornaments shapes from some scraps of red construction paper I had lying around.  I used a circular pin and a red sharpie to get the perfectly round shape, but I'm sure I could have eyeballed it as well.  Then I cut a small piece of brown ribbon and attached one end of the paper and the other end to the present with tape. 

On the back of the construction paper I wrote who it's to and who it's from (me!)

If you want to do this yourself all you need is above!  (and a red sharpie and pin if you don't want to eyeball the circle shape.)  Good luck and happy holidays!


Project For Awesome 2012

Project for Awesome is a yearly event where the YouTube community uploads videos about charities they support on December 17th.  The goal is to raise awareness and get people excited to donate to the charity of their choice.  Also, John Green (one of the founders) will donate one penny per comment on every Project For Awesome video uploaded today.  This is my second year participating and my video is about the charity: Heifer International.
For more information on P4A: http://www.projectforawesome.com
For more information on Heifer International: http://www.heifer.org/
Don't forget to comment on the video to help!

Thanks for watching!

DIY: Bracelet Display

I have lots of jewelry, and no real way to organize it all.  I've seen those black velvet jewelry displays for sale at craft stores but I could never justify buying them. Mostly because they just looked too...store like...in my opinion.  Great for product shots, weird for at home organization. However, after searching online, I found a way to make my own for little to no money.  That way, if I end up hating it, it's not a huge loss.

There are various websites that have the same instructions on how to make these and I don't have an exact link but they are relatively easy to make.
All you need is:
1 empty toilet paper roll
1 empty paper towel roll
1 piece of cardboard (mine is cut from a case of beer, heh)
Some fabric to cover it (black works best)

First trace around the center side of the paper towel roll with the end of the toilet paper roll. Cut it out and fit the toilet paper roll inside.  Tape it secure. Then tape the other end of the toilet paper roll to the cardboard piece (make sure it's a large enough base, extending as long or close to the width of the paper towel roll.  Then just glue the fabric on.  It does not have to be perfect, I had some trial and error getting mine to cover it all the way.  Once the bracelets are on you can't really see the imperfections.  Again, it's a cheap temporary solution that's not too bad.

Here's what mine looks like without the bracelets on.

When I made this I was not thinking of making a blog post about it so I'm sorry for not having any 'in progress' shots.  If you have any questions feel free to ask, I'll try my best to answer them.

Thanks for reading!

Christmas and Countries

Today I'd like to share a vlog with you.  It's about a Christmas themed documentary and many countries that friends and family are from or traveling to in the new year. 

Currently I am working on making and mailing all of my gifts for different Secret Santas I've participated in (3 this year!) and making and collecting gifts for my family and my boyfriend.

Also, I know it's cheesy...but it's necessary... HAPPY 12/12/12!!

Thanks for watching!


The First Christmas Monsters

I started making Nerdy Monsters a year ago.  The first few were given away as Christmas gifts to some lovely people.  Specs went to my cousin Katie and my boyfriend's younger sister, Julianne.  Wiz Kid went to my boyfriend's other younger sister, Alley and my Danish friend, Kristine for the CCDB Secret Santa.

The poem attached was written my my dad and is given to anyone who purchases a Nerdy Monster on Etsy along with the name of their monster.  This year I am giving away a few monsters as Secret Santa Christmas gifts. (and one Birthday present) I doubt the recipients of those gifts read this blog so I will let you know the types of monsters I am currently making for them.  Jellicle, Godric, Vloggy, and a new monster that is yet to be revealed. 

What are some crafts you're making for Christmas gifts? Let me know and link me to blog posts! I love seeing creative gift giving. 



Bento Box 2

Here is the second ever bento box I've made.  I recently found this photo on my phone, I'm guessing its months old.  I have not made a bento box in forever!  I really should try it again soon.

The larger half (bottom) contains leftover rice and a quick vegetable stir-fry I made that morning.  It's just beansprouts, spnich, and mushrooms cooked with a tiny bit of oil.  The smaller half (top) has an egg tamagoyaki (a bento box recipe found on JustBento), leftover chicken (from what I can tell, I honestly don't remember), and a small piece of cake.

It's only slightly different than the first bento box I made.  I think the addition of rice was what made it a bit more filling.  I think next time I might need to dedicate one entire half to rice.

Do you have a bento box? What is your favorite bento box recipe?


Giveaway Trivia Contest!

Back in college I co-wrote and directed a short mockumentery series called LMU's Next Top Ridiculously Good-Looking Person.  I've written about the show before, here.  Currently I am holding a trivia contest for the first five episodes. The episodes are on my YouTube channel and the questions are quite easy if you have seen them.  Origional I wanted people to just email me their anwsers but I think a rafflecoptor widget is a bit less work for you. The winner will get their choice of an Annoying Orange talking keychain or a Pygmy Puff handmade by me!  I'll randomly select a winner who answers all questions right, (or whoever answers the most right.)

All of the episodes are here:

Episode 1 - Sex Symbol
Episode 2 - Sweet Transvestite
Episode 3 - Somewhere Over the Rainbow
Episode 4 - Buy Me
Episode 5 - Lights, Camera, Action!

Here are some videos talking more about the contest!

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Please enter! It would make my day. =)

11 and Jellicle

The new Nerdy Monsters are 11 and Jellicle!
11 is very into Doctor Who (especially the new episodes) and Jellicle is a big fan of the musical CATS.
Someone guessed Doctor Who and someone guessed CATS, but not one person guessed both..

They are currently in limited supply so if you are interested please let me know because they are not in the Etsy store yet.

I just released a new music video today featuring the little guys.  Be sure to check it out below.  Also, if you have a second (and a google account) I would love it if you would subscribe to my channel. If you're logged in the quick link is here.  Thank you so much.


Guess Who!

There are two new Nerdy Monsters in the sea. Can you guess what they love?
Hint: One is a TV show and the other is a musical.
Once people guess correctly I'll reveal them and soon they will be in the Etsy store!
There are tons of Monsters there already, just waiting for a loving home.



Music: Oak Street Blues

Oak Street Blues can best be described as fun. When you go to an Oak Street Blues show, you have a good time.  Depending on the venue, they have lasers, a fog machine, bubbles, Pumpkin Head guy, and a giant penguin.  See, fun! They have a watering can filled with kazoos that they pass out during some songs and there is always dancing at their shows, always.

The current members (from left to right) are Alejandra Arellano (drums), Desiree Gonzalez (keyboards), Chris Hall (guitar, lead vocals), and Jenny Arias (base, ukulele).

They performed at a local bar called Joxer Dalys this past Saturday.  It was a long three set night and they were the only band.  Apart from the dancing by the crowd, it was a rather low key show as far as 'attractions' go.  It was still super fun however!  I brought my sister (we never hang out, so that was big) and stayed the entire three sets.

Throughout the years I've become friends with the members of the band and their extended group of friends as well.  It's probably my new favorite way to make friends, through bands!

Oak Street Blues

One Last Look at the Fair

The fair was amazing.  I have already signed up for a half table at the next Whimsic Alley Craft Fair in May.  Before I move on, here's a video I put together featuring each and every booth that was there.

Everything I did not sell is now up on my Etsy store!
Nerdy Monsters: http://nerdymonsters.etsy.com


Whimsic Alley Craft Fair - November 2012

I sold crafts at my first ever craft fair! It was November 10th and the 11th and it was a success! By 'success' I mean that Whitney and I both made back our table cost.  I was there both days selling my Nerdy Monsters and buttons and pygmy puffs.  Whitney could not make it either of the days but I had helpers come visit and watch the table for me when I took breaks.

The above photo is from the first day of the fair, I mixed Whitney's paintings in with my monsters and I think our table was the most colorful there! (Defiantly the cutest.)

Giant photo dump to follow, you've been warned.

I made a large cardboard sign for my goods complete with bright yellow arrows with the prices on them.  The mailing list and business cards did not get that much attention on the first day.

I put some of Whitney's paintings in my suitcase with my monsters.  Without a clear line between our crafts, they appeared even more friendly and showed how well they went together.

The quills placed by the large paintings was a last minute prop that I feel gave the table a completed look.

Day two of the fair! Here's our setup with my favorite of my helpers, Jim!

Switched it up a bit with the large sign on the right, giving the booth workers more space to see out in the center.

Jim finished reading The Hobbit at our booth before the customers arrived.

Wiz Kid hung out by Whitney's painting prices sign. (He was the most popular Nerdy Monster at the fair!)

Out of all of my plushies, the pygmy puffs were the biggest hit!  I'm considering making them in different colors now.

Next time I want to have a wider selection of buttons.  I also offered to do custom buttons and might think about putting some designs on Etsy.

Had to take at least one photo of myself, Gryffindor pride!

Jim was such a great helper, I even bought him a Ravenclaw tie so he would fit in!

I am signed up to do the next Whimsic Alley craft fair in May.  Whitney and I will both be there this time, just at a smaller table.

Nerdy Monsters: nerdymonsters.etsy.com
Whitney's Paintings: whitneylynnart.etsy.com


1 More Day Till the Craft Fair: Pygmy Puffs!

This was sort of a last minute thing, but I made pygmy puffs!  They are small little balls of pink fluff with eyes inspired by Jake the Dog.  They will be $10 each as a fun inexpensive stocking suffer.  Any leftovers after this weekend will be for sale up at my Etsy store.

Pygmy Puffs described by the Harry Potter wikia:

A Pygmy Puff is a miniature Puffskein, bred in the back of Fred and George Weasley's shop Weasleys' Wizard Wheezes at 93 Diagon Alley in London, and sold there as one of the known products in the WonderWitch range. It is one of their more popular products, as George said they were having trouble breeding them fast enough for the demand. Ginny Weasley bought a purple Pygmy Puff named Arnold in 1996, which she frequently played with at Hogwarts. 

             - harrypotter.wikia

I only had pink fabric for mine since they were last minute, however I might make more in the future of different colors if requested.

Be sure to come visit the fair tomorrow!!


2 More Days Till the Fair: Rowena & Helga

Rowena and Helga are here! They are two more of Wiz Kid's friends who are big fans of the Harry Potter series. Rowena is full of wit and wisdom.  Helga is patient, just, and loyal.  Unlikely friends these two are, but their love of wizardry and magic bring them together.


3 More Days Till the Craft Fair: Godric & Salazar

Godric and Salazar are here! These Nerdy Monsters are friends with Wiz Kid and in love with the Harry Potter series. Godric is brave and true and very chivalrous.  Salazar is ambitious and resourceful.  They may not always get along, but they can always bond over a love of magic and wizardry.


4 Days Till the Craft Fair: Buttons!

Buttons! I just have to say it enthusiastically, BUTTONS! I love buttons (or 'pins' if you will) When I was in High School I had a ton on my school bag and jackets.  For years I have been wanting my own button maker and this year I finally got one! The buttons are $1 each and whatever I don't sell at the fair will go straight to my Etsy.

Each button features an animal representative of one of the four Hogwarts houses.  A lion for Gryffindor, a serpent for Slytherin, an eagle for Ravenclaw, and a badger for Hufflepuff.  There are two for each house with the colors reversed.  I'm not sure how I'll sell them online. As a pair of 2, 4, 8?  Let me know how'd you want to buy then if you were shopping on Etsy.  If you are in the Los Angeles area, you can buy them at the Whimsic Alley Craft Fair this weekend!


5 Days Till the Craft Fair: Wiz Kid

This weekend I am participating in the semi-annual Whimsic Alley Craft Fair. This is my first time selling anything at a craft fair and it's rather fitting that it would be a Harry Potter themed one. The store, Whimsic Alley, holds these fairs ever few months and I am selling my Nerdy Monsters and more!  I thought a great way to help raise excitement would be to post a new photo each day of the fair of something I'll be selling.  So without further adieu, today I am introducing you to 'Wiz Kid'!

Wiz Kid is a Harry Potter nut! It's his favorite book series and film series. He can't decide which Hogwarts house he'd be put in.  His favorite character is Harry himself and he carries around his own little golden snitch with him everywhere he goes.


Happy Halloween!

Have you seen this girl with hair like this? Happy Halloween!! This year I'm dressed as Ramona Flowers from the comic series and now film, Scott Pilgrim.  The costume was super easy, I even filmed the creation of the wig and the full look in a video below.  What are you dressed as this year?