A Fresh Start


Changing ones email address, blog, YouTube, and Google + account may seem like a challenging and frankly dumb idea this day and age.  However, since they are all owned by Google, if one has to change so do they all.  Well for me, one has to change.  That being said, I will henceforth be blogging from here.  MagicCatJenny.blogspot.com  It's the same as my email and YouTube now so despite the obvious difficulty of change, at least it's not as bad as creating different names for everything.  My bigest loss (not counting the $200 in business cards that are now worthless) is the 300+ YouTube subscribers I have on my old channel.  I'll make the transition gradual but it has to happen eventually.

So that leaves us here.  With this new blog, creatively titled Magic Cat Jenny.  I say creatively because it's a creative way of letting me post almost anything on this blog.  It will be the home to behind the scenes crafting and costuming adventures.  The magic of content creation, aka, what's exciting and blog worthy.  Anything I feel compelled to share with my hopefully willing audience.  Luckily my main website will not be changing in one bit. www.jennifersargent.net is still in the same spot, as is my Twitter.  Twitter is cool like that, change your name at anytime and nothing else changes.

Overall, for those of you making the effort and following me in this change, thank you.  If any of you want to help me in any way it would be greatly appreciated.  Just send me an email to the new address at MagicCatJenny@gmail.com or post a reply here.  After time there will be a slew of new content here and my at my YouTube channel, your support is appreciated.