I'm 32 today!

Today is my birthday so I've decided to make a pointless post full of gifs for the simple reason that it makes me smile. GIF TIME!

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Photowall Canvas Print Review

Disclosure: I received two canvas prints from Photowall in order to share my opinion about their products, but this isn’t a sponsored post. Also, there's a discount at the end of this post for you!

For this review, I chose a photo from my engagement shoot and one from my wedding. (Both shot by Paige and Blake Photography!) They came out beautifully, the quality is great and I love how they look. I picked the smallest size possible for canvas prints, 40 cm x 60 cm, however, the prints are still a bit big for our small apartment. I think the engagement photo will make it on our wall somewhere...but I'm not sure about the wedding one since we take up most of the frame.

The prints came in two packages with easy to understand instructions. (There's a YouTube video of instructions as well that they'll link you to if you need it.) I don't often do product reviews on this blog but Photowall is a Swedish company, and if you know me you know I have a soft spot in my heart for Sweden.

I'll give you a tip for the set-up of the canvas prints: you might have to re-stick the last side of the canvas that you end up putting together with the metal parts. It's a tight squeeze to get it all to come together but I figured it out in the end.
I think they look really wonderful, I just need to decide where to put them. If you'd like to get a canvas print for yourself, Photowall is currently offering my readers a 20% discount code. Just enter JenniferHolmquistCampaign2018 at checkout. It's only available for 30 days!

Fillory needs meds way more than magic.

IMG_0099 So I started watching a show on Netflix called The Magicians that had to do with magic. (I love fantasy.) Two seasons and a third way into the first novel and I've fallen quite in love. Before I recommend the show to you, be aware you might want to look up trigger warnings if you need to. (i.e. assault, rape...it gets pretty dark.)
IMG_0096 My favorite things about this show, beyond the fantasy setting and the fact it's Hogwarts crossed with Narnia but adult, is how it deals with sexuality and how it deals with depression. It's not without its faults of course, but it's an extremely sexually aware show. This io9 article (w/ spoilers!) goes in depth about that. And as far as depression, that's almost what the whole show (and I'm assuming the books, I'm only on page 108) is all about. This AVClub article (w/ spoilers!) does a great job of talking about that.
IMG_0095 Sometimes the show is silly and sloppy and frankly ridiculous, but so many of my favorite shows are. My favorite character from the show is Eliot. I may or may not be contemplating a Margo cosplay. I kinda hate Quentin, but I understand him? I can't wait to keep reading! (and watching, when will season 3 come to Netflix?)
I just finished designing a pin (or magnet, you choose) pack inspired by the first season of the show. I mentioned to my parents that I was interested in reading the books and they sent me all three as an early birthday present! (Or maybe I just opened the package 2 weeks too early, heh.) Thanks, mom and dad!
I hope you enjoy my designs, they can be purchased at my Etsy shop here. If people are into it, I might do more of these mini-reviews of the things my pins are based on. Thanks for reading!

BroadwayCon 2018 - Day 1

IMG_9851 Another January living on the east coast, another BroadwayCon. I almost did not attend this year, things were changing and I suffered some health issues in November. I had my ticket though, so come December, when things were starting to get a bit better, I made the decision to go. I'm so glad I did!
IMG_1693IMG_1695 These two photos are from the day before BroadwayCon but I had to include them! Julianne (sister-in-law) and Haley (OG VidCon pal) and me...at Shake Shack...in NYC...perfection.
IMG_9922 IMG_1736 IMG_1750 This year's BroadwayCon was something different. One change for me was the fact it was the first time I've ever gotten myself a hotel room alone before. That was nice. Also, getting to see the friends I made the first and second years, felt extra good this time. I can't explain it, but it just felt warm and safe and special. The new people I met and the new experiences I had were no less amazing. (People coming up to me and telling me they like my videos!! Um, what?!?)
IMG_1760 IMG_1744 IMG_1782 IMG_1753 The Actors in Activism panel had me in tears. Meeting up with Nat and Kacie and Hannah in all of our Jellicle glory and goofiness (more of that to come) was ridiculous fun. BroadwayCon, not the boat show. And all of the performances, WOW. I know it's been months since the con but I'm going to space out these re-caps/reports. It brings me a burst of joy sharing them and I don't want it to all be over.
IMG_1786 IMG_1787 IMG_1788 This was the only day I wore MEOWexander and it was almost as much fun as the first time. People remembered him from last year! What an honor. That first day was a rush and I'm just going to bask in its memories for a bit.
IMG_1792 IMG_1793Thank you for reading! ♥︎


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Life Lately : A Hypothetical World

I've been in that strange time-space thing again. The place where things feel still and calm, where the millions of things you have to do are forgotten and the approaching deadlines can't be seen. It sounds nice, but it's actually a scary place. How easily I fall into it and how often find myself there is beginning to worry me. It's like I'm in slow motion but the world around me doesn't stop. I'll look up and another week will be over. 

I wonder if one day I'll read back these 'Life Lately' posts with a therapist and see red flags and warning signs. Or, alternatively, I look back enviously and see a life that actually was calm and full of free time. You know when you look around at your status quo and realize it's not going to last? You feel bad for the future you, but you don't know how to hold on to the moment harder than you already are?

I'm simultaneously living in the moment, a bit too much, but also worried about the future and thinking I should be doing something different. It's YOLO mixed with FOMO and it's as dumb as it sounds. I need to be better at goal setting and focus and eliminating task switching. All those things bloggers write in script fonts in their bullet journals and downloadable desktop backgrounds. It's online 'boss lady' culture and persistent guilt about 'putting in the work.' 

But I feel like I missed the intro. 'What' exactly, though? I need specifics and I don't want to sign up for your mailing list or take your video course to find out...because you probably can't tell me. All I know is that I need to learn the difference between planning and living in a hypothetical world. I can't ignore the big picture, but I can't let it scare me. What's step one?

Life Lately : Free Writing My Thoughts

This is a slightly blurry screenshot from the Instagram video I posted over the weekend. The blurriness represents my current outlook on the world. Seriously, I need a new glasses prescription. It came on fast but I no longer feel safe driving at night. Thankfully, I'm not in a position where I need to before I get new glasses. I'm trying so hard to not take this time for granted, this work-from-home-tons-of-free-time lifestyle. It will probably end just as I'm really appreciating it.

Jim and I have decided that January and February don't count and we're starting our new year's resolutions/intentions with the Chinese New Year. We're supposedly both optimistic and independent Fire Tigers, though the 'self-confident' nature of Year of the Tigers doesn't seem to fit for me personally. (Honestly, the only personality test that's fit so far for me is the Enneagram test.) I only really treat personality test type things the same way I treat motivational quotes...as a catalyst for my creative writing. Which is to say, I don't take any of it too seriously.

It's an attitude I should really be expanding to other aspects of my life. Namely, the relationship I have with the media I adore. Practice in; not seeing it as a personal attack when my taste in films, music, tv shows, musicalset cetera, et cetera, is called into question; is something I don't have much of. (I also should practice limiting my run-on sentences though that is something I have yet to be called out on.)

This is my second week of free writing my thoughts publically on my blog. I really enjoy sharing my 'life lately' in an odd stream-of-consciousness sort of way. I think I will continue it as a new feature. If you're here for the travel photos/wedding photos/cosplay photos, yes yes yes, that will be another aspect of me returning to my blog. I want to share everything. Your patience will be rewarded.

Life Lately

I've been feeling unfocused lately. Time passes in blinks and then drawn out as if in slow motion. It's not predictable, follows no pattern that I can see, but I'm also in the center of it so my perspective may not be reliable. Structure is hard to find when the consequences for breaking it are low. That's where I'm at, at nearly three years into this adventure. Is it a matter of basic mental health, self-discipline, or something I have yet to uncover about myself?

I am seeing a pattern here, however. Annoyingly vague, pseudo-artsy words strung together, like a sad song lyric on an AIM away message, just begging to be asked: "Hey are you okay?" "I'm fine. (but ask me again)" The sort of writing that feels so deeply personal yet so heavily guarded at the same time. I tell myself it's therapeutic or maybe a simple writing exercise. Though in a month I'll read it and cringe and remind myself that I'm almost thirty-two and this teen angst is way past its sell-by date.

Hey guys, it's time for my monthly favorites! After discovering the political affiliation of a favorite artist I'm diving heart first into a show with a fandom so fiercely impassioned that I once avoided it like having to make a cold call. Yet now I'm so fully converted that it only makes me that much more furious at the unfulfilled coaxing of the writers that I can't even talk about it because my feelings are so conflicted. So while moving from the "don't meet your heroes" slogan to the "your fav is problematic" one could be seen as a lateral move, I'm feeling, at least anonymously, better about it. 

In addition to my slogans, my demotivational quotes, I also have one piece of advice I give myself when I don't know what else to do: "Be kind to others, including yourself." With that, I leave you, probably confused and hopefully entertained. 

BroadwayCon Prep 2018 for my 1 Year Twitch Streamaversery - (and a video!)

BroadwayCon Prep 2018
It was my one-year Twitch streamaversery this past Tuesday! So what did I do? What I did one year ago, of course, makeup and costume prep for BroadwayCon! That's right BroadwayCon is this weekend! Check out my video about all things BroadwayCon cosplay and scroll below that for more photos!

BroadwayCon Prep 2018 BroadwayCon Prep 2018 BroadwayCon Prep 2018 BroadwayCon Prep 2018 BroadwayCon Prep 2018 I'd love it if you followed me on my Twitch channel and subscribed to my YouTube channel. <3 nbsp="" p="">

Threadwalkers by Joanna Volavka | Author Interview & Book Review

My friend Joanna Volavka is a published author! It's so exciting! I interviewed her about her book Threadwalkers and gave a bit of a review as well.